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Queenswood Drive Roofing Project


This property at Queenswood Drive was a new construction in Saanich, near Telegraph Cove. It required about 8000 ft² of rooftop, plus two torch-on decks.

As a beautiful high-quality home right on the ocean, the homeowners wanted to pull out all the stops. The roof was planned to have a high number of hips, metal valleys, and vents to accommodate its spacious rooms, and had a steep 12:12 pitch. We started with safety: all of our crew got harnessed up, and we used a lift to apply the first rows. We could then put roof jacks and planks in place to provide a stable work platform without interfering in any work going on below.

High-end synthetic underlayment, ideal for steep roofs, was installed on the roof deck to protect it during installation and as an additional line of defense against leaks. For shingles we used the Legacy line from Malarkey in Midnight Black, with a 50-year lifespan. We also applied high-profile ridge cap shingles on the entire roof — these sit higher than standard shingles and imitate the appearance of cedar shakes, which emphasizes the peak and looks impressive on any roof with a lot of hips. Finally, professional metal roof vents were used throughout, providing a sleeker and smaller footprint than typical low-cost vents made of plastic.

All in all, a job well done, and we got to enjoy a great view while doing it!

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