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Shawnigan Lake Roof Replacement

This roofing job in Shawnigan Lake was for a two-story lakeside home that badly needed a roof replacement due to leaks and deterioration.

With the house below already suffering water damage, it was important that the job be done as quickly and professionally as possible. Our team used safety harnesses while tackling the 6:12 pitch roof, with a disposal bin below to collect the old materials as they were removed. The rooftop itself needed a full resheet of ⅜ plywood, as well as new vents, new flashing, and drip edges on every gable end. For shingles we used the Highlander line from Malarkey in Midnight Black, which has a 30 year lifespan, as well as high-profile ridge cap to add a bit of flair.

Overall, the entire project — including stripping — was completed within 3 days, thanks to the small size of the home and the moderate pitch of the roof. Now the owners are happily enjoying the water outside of their home instead of inside it!

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