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Roof Construction

CAPAX roofing provides a wide variety of roof construction services for residential and commercial buildings. Aside from new roof construction with various roofing materials, we also offer:

Roof Re-Sheeting

Many older roofs have multiple layers of roofing materials that have been installed one on top of the other over the years, often contributing to moisture buildup, rot, and the concealment of older, dangerous materials such as asbestos. Re-sheeting removes these materials and provides your roof with a fresh, new base to work on. Roofs that were built with a "spaced sheeted" configuration in particular will usually need to be re-sheeted in order to conform to local building codes.

Stability Trusses

Trusses help support the structure of your roof and reinforce it against the load of heavy roofing materials, snow, ice, or debris in a highly efficient manner. They also offer architectural flexibility for your home, allowing roofing configurations that might otherwise be impossible. They are often lighter and faster to erect than traditional framing.

Roof Extensions

Add more coverage beneath your roof. Roof extensions are a durable, reliable way to increase overhead protection around your building for storage purposes, leisure areas, and more.

Chimney Demolition and Repair

Want more space in your home? Tired of drafts coming in through a fireplace you don't use? Want to make way for a new gas fireplace where you currently have an old-fashioned flu? CAPAX offers chimney demolition services to help with your home renovation. Post-demolition cleanup and roof repair services are included with every job.